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Modified Oct 28 All users will only be able to win a MAXIMUM of 10 times per month. An example of this is as follows: 1st place - 4 times, 2nd place - 3 times, 3rd place 3 times. Another example - If you win 3rd place 10 times in 1 month, you're limit would have been reached. As soon as you hit the limit of 10, you can still continue to play but you will not be awarded. This will make games rewarding, fair and fun for EVERYONE.

ZoomBucks games are free. Prizes for the previous day are awarded the next day for EACH GAME. For example, if you win 1st, 2nd or 3rd on Friday, you will automatically receive your prize on Saturday. Prizes are awarded based on point leaders. At the moment, the prize schedule (modified Oct 28) is as follows:

1st Place 50
2nd Place 30
3rd Place 20

More Details About Placing: If you place first, second AND third, you will ONLY be credited for first place. We created the system like this so everyone has a fair chance at winning. If you achieve second & third place, you will receive a prize for second place ONLY. In the case of a TIE, the winners will receive half the prize. For example, if two users tie for second place, they will receive 15 points each. If two people tie for first place, they will receive 25 points each.

Over time, the above prizes WILL increase depending on demand. We have yet to implement maximum wins per month but we do plan to implement this. Games are currently in BETA so there may be issues. Please report all isses via our contact us form.

Last but not least, you must have the latest version of Flash to play the games!