How to Promote & Get Referrals

This guide will explain a few techniques to get more referrals. This guide was created to help users get more referrals. Before posting your link anywhere, please be sure to read the terms & conditions of the site you are posting your link on!

SQUIDOO & Hub pages

SQUIDOO allows you to create a lens that allows you to promote products. For example, you could create a lens about "ZoomBucks", "earning money" or "earning points online." SQUIDOO provides you tools that allow you to build a lens so almost no programming experience is necessary. Check out the directory of SQUIDOO tutorials.Hub Pages is similar to SQUIDOO. Here is a great Hub Pages Tutorial

Write articles and submit to directories

You can write articles and submit to popular directories. Here are some examples of articles you could create:

  • How to Get Paid for Completing Surveys
  • How to earn points with ZoomBucks
  • How to earn money playing games
  • Learn how to earn money searching
Along with MANY more possibilities. The whole purpose of this is to get users to read your article and then click on your referral link at the end (in the author bio section). If your article gets ranked high in the search engines, you can do well with this technique. Here is a list of GREAT article submission sites:

Create a blog

Create a blog with valuable content and you will eventually get ranked high in the search engines. You can create a free blog at - In your blog, you can include information about ZoomBucks, in your own words. Be sure to include banners and referral links to ZoomBucks. Once you create a blog, use techniques 1, 2, 5, 14 & 18 to promote your blog.

Answer Questions Online

Look for questions on answer sites regarding "points", "rewards", "incentives" and other terms. Users might ask questions such as "Are points site real", or "How can I get rewards online." Simply answer the users question and use your referral link. We've included a good list of answer sites that you can sign up with.

Post on GPT Forums

Post on GPT (Get paid to) forums where people are interested in earning points and making money online. Here are some great get paid to forum. Before promoting your ref link on ANY of the below sites, please read the rules of EACH site. Some sites may allow promotions while others may not. We have not read the rules for each forum.

To find more sites like this, simply go to Google, YAHOO, Bing or ZoomBucks search and type get paid to forum, earn cash forums, earn money forums, things like that.

Tell friends and family

This ones simple, send your referral link out to friends & family via email or text message.

Post a link on FB

You can do this various ways:
1) Post a status message with your referral link
2) Edit your information (should be an option on the left of your profile screen)
and click "Contact Information." You will have the ability to enter your Referral link in the "Website" field.

Post a link on Twitter

This ones simple. Tweet your referral link along with some information about ZoomBucks.

Put flyers on cars

Create flyers and put them on cars in parking lots. Posting somewhere where we have gift cards available is a good idea. For example, Wal-Mart & Target. Start the flyer off with something like "Get FREE Target Gift Cards" and then include all information about ZoomBucks.

Forum Signatures

Put your ZoomBucks referral link in your signature on forums.

Classified Sites

Write a classified ad on free classified sites - Be careful to read the rules of each classified site before posting your ad! The following articles contains links to classified ad sites.

Business cards

Create business cards and hand them out to your friends or family at social events. Include yrour referral link on the business card.


Remember, ZoomBucks is open to the world so think Global in your marketing. Looks for get paid to forums in India, China or Russia (we have surveys for these countries). India and China contain 2/5 of the worlds population so take advantage! We currently have 2-3 daily surveys for India/China and other International countries.

Submit to Social Bookmarking Sites

Add your site, blog or article to popular social bookmarking sites. Here is a list of social bookmarking sites where you can submit your site or article:

Promote ZoomBucks Games

Go to gaming forums and talk to people about ZoomBucks games. When users play ZoomBucks games, they must have credits in order to play. You will earn referral points from the credits they earn. Find good flash gaming forums or other gaming forums where people are discussing point earning games. Tell them about ZoomBucks and provide your referral code.

Create an eBook

Create a ZoomBucks ebook with all the secrets to earning ZBucks. Include your referral link in the ebook.

AIM, YAHOO & MSN Messenger

Place the link in your MSN,YAHOO,AIM screen name. Put your referral link in the status box of your MSN, YAHOO or AIM messengers.

Create Videos

Create a video about any of the following topics:

  • How to earn money doing surveys
  • How to earn money playing games
  • How to earn money shopping
  • How to get cash back while shopping
  • How to get free Amazon gift cards (you can use any gift cards in our inventory for this example)
  • There are MANY videos you can make, be creative!
  • After creating a video, submit it using Tube Mogul. They allow you to submit videos to multiple sites at once.

Promote to Coupon Enthusiasts

There are many people out there who LOVE coupons. Promote ZoomBucks to coupon lovers (we currently have coupons through Red Plum & CellFire) and let them know about how they can win with ZDaily while clipping coupons. There are TONNES of coupon forums online. Just type in coupon forums into your favorite search engine and start discussing!

Promote the Search

Find forums where people are talking about search and win sites and get in on the conversation! Promote with your referral link.

Share Your Wins

Share you wins on Facebook & Twitter so that your friends see that you are winning.

Share Your Game High Scores

Share your high scoreson Facebook & Twitter so that your friends try to beat your high score!

Have More Ideas?

Contact us through our help desk if you have ideas. We will continue to expand this list!