Search Tips

Tips & information regarding search...

  • Use ZoomBucks search search like any other search engine.
  • Click on search results that interest you.
  • Avoid the following:
    • Using the same search terms daily for the purpose of winning
    • Searching continuously without interacting with the search engine
    • Clicking links that you are not legitimately interested in
    • Using bots or automated programs for searching
    • Using one word terms that you are not interesting in seeing results for
  • Good searches would be searches such as the following:
    • A product or service you are searching for
    • The name of a website you are visiting
    • A question you need answered
    • A store in your local area
    • Anything you are LEGITIMATELY searching for
  • We look for natural searching patterns. Do not use bots or search purely for the sake of winning.