Campaign Terms
Payment takes place over an SSL encrypted connection. Payment is handled by ZoomBucks, and will appear as "ZoomBucks" on your statement.

Universal VIP
ZoomBucks, via a VIP subscription offers users the opportunity to earn more points than none VIP members. In addition, you get a wide range of benefits available which makes it more fun to earn points on

Acceptance of subscription terms
Upon your sign up you accept that ZoomBucks Online is allowed to withdraw the agreed amount periodically in correspondence with the chosen VIP subscription. When you purchase the subscription for a VIP membership we automatically upgrade your user account to that of a VIP, it will stay this way until you unsubscribe either via the self service area. Once the service starts, it is billed whether the member chooses to access their account or not. The billing ceases when the subscription is cancelled.

About the ZoomBucks concept
ZoomBucks is a website, where you can earn points by completing various activities. On basically everything you do on, there are points to be earned. The points you earn, you can use to shop with in the web shop at If you have not previously used ZoomBucks before, you will be registered as a user after entering in your user information and accepting the campaigns conditions and clicking on to the payment page at ZoomBucks. This happens whether you buy a VIP membership or not.

Terms and prices
When you sign up, you accept that ZoomBucks will withdraw $59.99 from your account or credit card for 30 days of VIP platinum subscription after the 5 day (24 hours each day) trial at Your trial begins as soon as you join. Other packages include the Copper package for $1.99 / month, Bronze for $9.99 / month, Silver for $19.99 / month & Gold for $40 / month. Your VIP subscription enables you to earn more points on various activities. In additon, you get huge benefits. Click here to see what you get out of your VIP subscription. As mentioned, by using this campaign you get it for a special price for a trial period. After the trial period, your VIP subscription will automatically be renewed, unless you have unsubscribed from the service. After this we will withdraw $59.99 (for the Platinum package) every 30th day (corresponding to $1.33 per day), until you unsubscribe from your subscription. If you do not wish to renew your VIP subscription, you therefore must to remember to unsubscribe within the 5 day period from the point of order. The initial trial payment is non refundable. Your credit card may also be pre-authorized for the first months charge, although this will be reversed within 5 business days.

Introduction gift
The introduction gift can vary from one campaign to another. Later in the ordering process, you will see that to receive the introduction gift you must to follow a simple verification process, which requires you to send in documentation of your identity in the form of a scan. The two pieces of documentation can be your drivers license, health insurance card or your latest gas, water or electricity bill which is no more than 6 months old. The verification process has been put in place to protect ZoomBucks from fraudulent users. We reserve the right to cancel your purchase and refund your payment, in the case of us having no more of the introduction gift in stock.

Unsubscribing of membership and binding period
You can stop or delete your forth going subscription at any time, there is therefore no binding period. If you unsubscribe your subscription, no further withdrawals will be made before it is reactivated or a new subscription is made. The act of unsubscribing does not influence the VIP period that is already activated on your account. Please note that because of technical issues your subscription cannot be unsubscribed online in the first 24 hours after it has been activated. Cancellations must be requested at least 24 hours before the end of a subscribed period. Trial accounts can not be downgraded to a free account. Memberships that have surpassed the trial period are able to keep their points and downgrade their account. To unsubscribe from the ZoomBucks VIP service, login to your account and visit the VIP dashboard (under Account). Please do not request cancellation through the help desk as this can create delays (due to weekends, holidays and business hours). If it is necessary, you can reach out support desk here

Right to regret
As the purchase of a VIP subscription requires commissioning at once, the purchase cannot be undone and the amount cannot be refunded if the account has been utilized. In the case you purchase VIP, you confirm that you wish to activate it at once, you therefore at the same time renounce the right to regret.

About being a member of ZoomBucks
When you order a VIP subscription, you will be made a member of ZoomBucks. After this you receive a welcome email containing your login information. If you happen not receive this email, please contact our customer service, who will then be able to inform you of your login information. If you unsubscribe from your VIP subscription, your account will be suspended once the subscription is complete. If you unsubscribe from a trial, your account will be closed immediately. We are not able to transfer points from your VIP account to other accounts. Points are non transferable and will be forfeited upon account cancellation.

Who is ZoomBucks then?
It is ZoomBucks who facilitates all payments. This service is cost neutral for you as a user, and it's only on your bank statement where you see the name. If you have questions about your payment then you should contact ZoomBucks via their website,

ZoomBucks will send information or promotional emails before, during or after signing up with ZoomBucks. If you would like to opt out of all mailings, please Unsubscribe

Contact Us?
The easiest way to contact ZoomBucks is through our help desk
. Alternatively, you can contact us through our VIP support line at 1-877-547-8317 between 9AM - 5PM EST.

Additional membership terms regarding points, site modifications, security, rewards, participation & enrollment, disclaimer of warranties, limitation of liability, participation in promotions of advertisers and merchants, third party services, termination, non-transferability, modifications, notices, indemnification, & laws can be found here: